Our Mission

VX Inc. is making strategic technological improvements to key areas of the augmented reality (AR).

AR is on the cusp of something great. While technological advancements have been made in recent years, most have been minor and easily predicted. We are here to make unpredicted change in a big and meaningful way. We plan to shape the industry to have mass-market appeal by the year 2020.



Development Services

VX brings together some of the best experts in the field of augmented reality. Our engineers and designers have made significant contributions to many of the influential products available to the industry. This and our growing technology portfolio allows us to develop products fast. 



VX is only working on BIG improvements. To start we are making available the first sunglasses style near eye display module that is both thin and compact. The VX CNED is the best in class augmented reality display offering up to 54 degrees FOV at 1080p resolution.