Development Services

VX Inc. provides a full range of product development services with a focus on wearable technology. We enjoy the kind of projects that are too difficult for traditional design/development firms. Our methodical process gets results. 

VX engineers have accumulated broad expertise in product development and have a growing technology portfolio that allows us to develop products fast.




Our engineers are development experts with a passion for good design, electro-mechanics, opto-mechanics and advanced manufacturing.

  • Injection Molded Part Design
  • Metal Part Design
  • Micro Coax Cable and Harness Design
  • 5 Axis CNC Part Design
  • Opto-Mechanical Design
  • Thermal Management and Planning

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is key to make any produced product come to life. Good design can define a product, maximize profit, and boost sales.
VX offers a full range of product planning, visualization, prototyping and manufacturing optimization. 

  • Creative Direction
  • Industrial Design
  • Concept Rendering
  • Product Management
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Human Factors 
  • Color, Material, and Finish Planning

Component Integration


We provide easy integration of technology into products. Careful choice of components and batteries, design of PCBs industrial design allow for the best miniaturization results.  

  • eCAD to mCAD, IDF, IDX, exchange
  • Product data management and
  • Engineering Workflow
  • Production Manufacturing Pack Creation
  • Contract Manufacturing Selection



Reference Designs

VX has a growing reference portfolio and experience in system design, which enable customers to ship their products faster using our design services. VX accelerates product development.

Contact us for reference licensing. Designs available:  


Prototyping & manufacturing

Our affiliate partners, who specialize in PCBs, batteries, and contract manufacturing, offer a complete end to end solution.

  • Model Making
  • Assembly
  • CNC Machining
  • 3D Printing
  • Casting
  • Injection Molding

Our process ships Your Product Fast

Proper expectations are key.
We will work with your stakeholders to understand your product needs. Our Features-First, Top-Down, Outside-In, design methodology allows for a fast and straight-forward path to market.

Top-Down allows us to have a defined scope and allows us to work fast. Outside-in allows you to have visibility of what the product will look like from the beginning.

When finished, we will have created a design of interrelated parts and features that work towards the product as a whole.



Features-First means we start with a wishlist of features requested by project stakeholders. This list is then refined and divided into two categories. The first is “required features”, and the second is “nice to have features”. These features will be added to a Product Requirements Document (PRD).

Top-Down means we work in a hierarchical fashion to define a form factor. We start by placing known components in the system, arranging them based on the requirement of use. In the case of an HMD, we will design around first, the eyes, second, the head, third, the near eye display, and will continue this down to the least defining features and components. 

Outside-In means parts are designed from the outer form factor and working inward.  The shape of the form factor is divided up into sub-assemblies, parts, and lastly the part features. This method of creating part features allows for changes to be made even after some parts are locked.